Julia excitement is in the air!

I’ve had a Julia sticker on my laptop for about a year now. For 11 months, no one noticed, but in just the last few weeks three random people have started a conversation about it. I’ll take that as anecdotal evidence that the buzz is growing! This is in Amsterdam, NL.

I think the next milestone is Julia being so mainstream that people won’t find such a sticker special anymore :sweat_smile:

EDIT: one of those people was @xor0110, only fair to tag him and say hi :slight_smile:


I work in the Bay Area, and my employer takes on a lot of Stanford interns. I realized I should probably learn Julia when it seemed like about half of the Stanford interns were using it. Don’t want to turn into a dinosaur…


I have been using Julia since 2013 at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil. By that time, it was so unstable in terms of the language itself, that I did not recommend to anyone. However, I really liked the possibility to end the two-languages paradigm, so I continued to use it. I chose to learn by example, so I coded many functions related to satellite applications that eventually became SatelliteToolbox.jl.

After v0.4, I was convinced that Julia was the future and I became a very annoying guy here telling everyone to use :blush: I even gave 1 point to any student that chose to use Julia for the final exam of a discipline!

Things, indeed, have changed drastically (and very fast). When people saw the capabilities of the language, like this Satellite simulator we developed here:

I am now being constantly asked to give a small training section about Julia here at INPE.


I love this thread! If anyone else has anecdotal evidence of Julia excitement, it would be great to hear it.


One of my colleagues, after I went on for a bit about Julia, said “sounds interesting”. Now that is excitement from him :wink:


Beats the “you’re doomed” we got form Steve Johnson the first time Alan told him about Julia :smile:


Cool! Perhaps also evidence that a Amsterdam meetup could be viable?


Tell me more about where I can get a Julia sticker!


Havw Always wanted to hear more about where Julia was at that point in time and what his PRs/discussion gave way to - besides all the amazing FFTW early inclusion and such.

Hi there! :slight_smile:


Maybe I can express my positive stance towards Julia (as a new language for me) by saying that I would consider traveling from Rotterdam to… Amsterdam for such a meetup. (Given the inter-city rivalry, this must mean something.)


Cool! Is there any interest in Eindhoven too?
I used to work with ASML. I just know that Julia would be very useful to them.


Also interested. From Den Haag. Using Julia for optimization problems, dynamic flight simulations and control.


Welcome xor0110 :slight_smile:

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For all of you who expressed interest in a Netherlands meetup (@ufechner7 @johnh @sgjanssens @visr), @xor0110 just created the #dutch-local slack channel.

(If you’re not on the Julia slack yet, get an invite here.)


That is very kind, thanks to him and you.
The link to get an invite currently leads me to a “502 bad gateway” error, but I will join once it works again.

Hi Julians.

I started learning Julia only about 1 month ago and i am deeply in love, i dream of a world where every AI/System/Software/Hardware/(Anything)ware will be implemented with Julia.

Where we can have easy C-like static executable creation and start creating beautiful CLI tools for our awesome automation adventures like it is possible with Golang today.

Where we can have a Django-like Web framework (I think Genie.jl will get there) and be crazy productive on our Web development adventures.

Where we will be able to tell our boss that Julia is NOT a good choice for a specific project and be called CRAZY, and at the same time feel happy for being called CRAZY because we might actually be it for saying such thing

I dream of a world of love, a world of Julia everywhere, all the time.

p.s. sorry i’ve just had coffee, it has a weird effect on me. but i love Julia anyway.


In my work (biostatistics) many people has heard about Julia and some have tried it, but most people think Julia is still lacking important packages.
For example there are no packages able to do multiple imputation nor meta-analysis.
We are also waiting for additional JuliaDB abilities that let the analyst apply models with random effects directly on disk to analyze larger than memory datasets.

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Well, if a package is missing, just write it! So much easier to write a Julia package than a fast Python library… And everybody here will help you if you encounter problems… :smile:


I’ve got a couple extras from juliacon 2017, would send an envelope from work if you send address.