Julia + Docker + AWS DevOps Workflow

I have a task, written in Julia, that I manage using Fargate. My current workflow is:

  1. Write some code in my project directory
  2. Deploy using Serverless to wrap up a Docker container and push to ECS
  3. Kick of the task from a step function

My trouble is that I need to use an AWS image to make credential handling easy, but that requires downloading and installing Julia and installing and precompiling my project environment on every deployment. This obviously takes a non-negligible amount of time and slows my iterations down.

I’d love to have a premade image with a PackageCompiler.jl sysimage created with my dependencies that just picks up my latest project code and runs it. I’d additionally like to automatically rebuild the image if there are changes to my Project.toml. I can think of some ways to do this, but before I go reinventing the wheel, I was wondering if someone had already walked this path and had any wisdom to share.

That’s my experience as well

Please share what you come up with.

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