How can I set the logging level to Warning or higher with an environment variable? I’ve checked the documentation and other Discourse posts, but I’m still a bit confused.

I have CI which builds documents with Quarto, and I’m getting @info statements from package loading that I don’t want in my document output. I can add a code cell with Logging.disable_logging(Logging.Info) in every document, but I’m hoping to do so with JULIA_DEBUG=1000 julia -e ... in my CI file. Unfortunately, that’s not working right now.

JULIA_DEBUG is for enabling debug logging in specific files or modules. There doesn’t appear to be an environment variable for setting the minimum log level.

However, disable_logging is global setting, so

julia -e 'import Logging; Logging.disable_logging(Logging.Info) -e ...

should disable any @info messages from this process.