Julia Bloggers web site - Your connection is not private!


I noticed www.juliabloggers.com

Leads to the following message:

Your connection is not private.
Attackers can steal information …


www.juliabloggers.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on Sunday, 25 March 2018, 7:59 am. The current time is Monday, 26 March 2018, 2:12 pm.


AFAIK @randyzwitch maintains the site, maybe he could look into this.


This should be just due to caching or the certificate rolling over. If this continues, please let me know.

Note that there is no method for entering information on juliabloggers, so a MITM attack really isn’t a concern


I have the same issue when I use Chromium.


Unfortunately, the error still persists (for me). I have cleared the caches.


For whatever reason, Bluehost expired my SSL certificate early, with replacement supposed to be on 2018/04/05 or earlier.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone


This is fixed.