Julia 1.5.2 Distributed seeking workaround

On macOS Julia 1.5.2. I am trying to run addprocs where the remote machine is linux. I get the following error:
sh: 1: cd: can’t cd to /Users/

Apparently, something on the remote is trying to cd to the same path as my home directory on my Mac.

Others have encounter this problem with previous versions and it would seem there was no fix or workaround back then. My question: Is there been and developments since that my save my behind on this?

I could sure use a fix. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading

You might try the dir and exename keywords to addprocs. From the documentation

•    dir: specifies the working directory on the workers. Defaults to the host's current directory
    (as found by pwd())

•    exename: name of the julia executable. Defaults to "$(Sys.BINDIR)/julia" or
    "$(Sys.BINDIR)/julia-debug" as the case may be.
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Thank for putting me on the straight and narrow. I was using documentation that said nothing of the dir setting and, as I am learning, had other errors.