Julia 1.1.1. -> Julia 1.2.0 (Problem with downloading - curl (35) - revocation function unable to check)

I am new to Julia. I installed it and started to learn it by diving into its ML ecosystem. I was going through Stephen Smith’s Blog - "Julia Flux for Machine Learning (https://smist08.wordpress.com/2018/09/24/julia-flux-for-machine-learning/) where examples from FluxML model zoo were presented. I started in Julia 1.1.1 but then decided to upgrade to 1.2.0 (it came out and said why not, just to learn how the package system and upgrading works). In Julia 1.1.1 the above mentioned tutorial worked. After updating to Julia 1.2.0 i started to get errors when downloading data;

Error: Download failed: curl: (35) schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: Unknown error (0x80092012) - The revocation function was unable to check revocation for the certificate.

I noticed that download procedure in Base “download.jl” package was changed between 1.1.1 and 1.2.0. It added two subroutines “find_curl” and “donwload_curl”. Download_curl added two switches for silent mode (-s and -S to curl.exe (-g -L -f -o were already present)). Changes seem to me prety basic and don’t see where or why the access gets cut. If I make (in the current running session of 1.2.0) new download methods that reverse the changes introduced in Julia 1.2.0, it works without errors.

Perhaps the matter could take a look or two by the more experienced fellows.

I went back to Julia 1.1.1 because it is more hassle free for me at the moment. Downloading data from internet repos with version 1.2.0 seems hampered in certain cases at the moment. I read that possibly the antivirus software could be the culprit by preventing access, but switching off AV is not an option for me since I use Julia on work computer at my university.

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It seems a Curl error. Here more info Problem with curl.exe (Windows) and package installation

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