Julia 0.7 Nightly Breaking Changes



The current nightly (2017-11-18) Version 0.7.0-DEV.2528 (Commit 6e4f2fa226) seems to break a few core packages like conda and IDE like IJulia, Juno, Atom. For those who wish to use the nightly versions for development I recommend not updating to the current for now. Julia 0.7.0-DEV.2279 (Commit 8798936) is quite stable.


The issue was resolved in here. Other breaking changes include Dates and Base.Filesystem which should be addressed shortly through Compat.


The download link for the latest nightly for Windows still delivers 0.6.1 instead of 0.7.


https://julialangnightlies-s3.julialang.org/ has for Linux and Mac OS. I believe for Windows it might need to be build from source. It has been reported and they are working on it. Comment on the issue.


Okay, thanks. (I have recently changed my code and I’m itching to test it out with 0.7 :slight_smile:).


I decided to develop my packages for Julia 0.7 so they can be released with 1.0.0. There are still some tweaks (there was a interpreter bug which broke some packages) and breaking changes (movement of libraries like Dates and FileWatching) which affect core packages like JSON \to Homebrew (Mac OS) and the IDE are currently broken (IJulia / Juno). Depending on which dependencies and environment you use you could start testing it soon. Updating the dependencies will likely depend on how fast Compat keeps up with the changes.


If you need something for Compat, by all means submit a PR! That is typically how Compat develop; people submit PR for stuff they need.


I play around and whatever fix I can come up with I PR for it. However, some are beyond by expertise (e.g., IJulia seems to break for other reasons and Dates already has PR 413). For the projects I am familiar with I can handle, but for the other ones I open an issue at both the source project and Compat (someone on either end should be able to figure it out).


What does this mean? There will be plenty of time to upgrade.


Ideally most of the remaining breaking changes will be from Julia 0.6 to Julia 0.7. Julia 1.0.0 will close to Julia 0.7 (hopefully without any or very few breaking changes).