Julia 0.6 parallelization of modules and functions

Hi all,

I’m trying to modify some example code from the documentation and am running into an error. Here’s my module that I’m trying to create:

@everywhere module parallel_test

using Base.Distributed
@everywhere using Base.SharedArray
@everywhere import Distributions

@everywhere advection_shared_chunk!(q, u, z) =
   advection_chunk!(q, u, z, myrange(q)..., 1:size(q,3)-1)

function advection_shared!(q, u, z)
   @sync begin
       for p in procs(q)
           @async remotecall_wait(advection_shared_chunk!, p, q, u, z)

@everywhere function advection_chunk!(q, u, z, irange, jrange, trange)
   @show (irange, jrange, trange)  # display so we can see what's happening
   for t in trange, j in jrange, i in irange
       q[i,j,t+1] = q[i,j,t] + u[i,j,t] + z[i] - Distributions.cdf(Distributions.TDist(10), 34)

@everywhere function myrange(q::SharedArray)
   idx = indexpids(q)
   if idx == 0 # This worker is not assigned a piece
       return 1:0, 1:0
   nchunks = length(procs(q))
   splits = [round(Int, s) for s in linspace(0,size(q,2),nchunks+1)]
   1:size(q,1), splits[idx]+1:splits[idx+1]

function test_function(q, u, z)



Then, from the terminal (after loading with julia -p 4):

 q = SharedArray{Float64,3}((500,500,500));
 u = SharedArray{Float64,3}((500,500,500));
 z = rand(500,1)
parallel_test.test_function(q, u, z)

I’m running into this error:

**ERROR:** UndefVarError: advection_shared_chunk! not defined

(::parallel_test.##9#10{SharedArray{Float64,3},SharedArray{Float64,3},Array{Float64,2}})() at ./task.jl:335

...and 3 more exception(s).


[1] **sync_end()** at **./task.jl:287**

[2] **macro expansion** at **./task.jl:303** [inlined]

[3] **advection_shared!(** ::SharedArray{Float64,3}, ::SharedArray{Float64,3}, ::Array{Float64,2} **)** at **/Users/james.nance/Documents/1225/parallel_test.jl:9**

[4] **test_function(** ::SharedArray{Float64,3}, ::SharedArray{Float64,3}, ::Array{Float64,2} **)** at **/Users/james.nance/Documents/1225/parallel_test.jl:40**

Any idea what’s going on?

Would you mind fixing the quoting of you code by changing the ‘…’ to ‘```’ please? It’ll make your code much easier for others to read and comprehend.

I’m thinking that you might have too many @everywhere calls here, since you have one already at the module level (which I suppose should cover everything contained within it). Maybe try removing all but that one?

Importantly, how are you launching your processes? Are you using a flag from the shell, or doing addprocs earlier before you run your actual code?

Thanks, @jpsamaroo, I’m very new to this site and didn’t know how to do that. Looks much nicer now!

And removing all but the first @everywhere did the trick. I’m starting Julia with 4 processes and then running the code.

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