JSON3 indexing nested object by string path


using JSON3

json_string = """
    "name": "rocket1",
    "observations": [
            "speed": "100",
            "acceleration": "1"
            "speed": "200",
            "acceleration": "2"

json = JSON3.read(json_string)

json leaves then can be indexed with the following paths:


for example:

json[:observations][2][:speed] # returns "200"

How could it be indexed if the path was stored in a string? Like this:

path = "[:observations][2][:speed]"
json[path] # how? any clue?

Thank you

You’d have to do some parsing of the string. Wouldn’t it be easier to store a tuple of indices, e.g. (:observations, 2, :speed)?

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Nice! Yes, it is.

function get(json, path)
    result = json
    for node in path
        result = getindex(result, node)

path = (:observations, 2, :speed)
get(json, path)