JLD and FileIO StackOverflowError: error when saving EPL fixtures data


I run the below code, which should work on your computer if you have all the packages installed. Basically it downloads some CSV from football-data.co.uk and tries to save it as a JLD file. The last line always gives an error . The issue has been raised https://github.com/JuliaIO/JLD.jl/issues/213

Error encountered while saving “C:\Users\my_user_id\fixtures.jld”.
Fatal error:
ERROR: StackOverflowError:

using HTTP, DataFrames, RCall, DataFramesMeta, uCSV, FileIO

season_start = 1993:2017
seasons = lpad.(mod.(season_start,100),2,0) .* lpad.(mod.(season_start.+1,100),2,0)
urls = "http://www.football-data.co.uk/mmz4281/" .* seasons .* "/E0.csv"

@rput urls
fixtures = rbindlist(lapply(urls, read.csv), fill=T, use.names=T)
@rget fixtures;

# get rid of empty rows
fixtures = @where(fixtures, length.(string.(:Date)) .!= 0);