JIT Compiler for CPython

Welcome Wispy to Julia, the advantage would smaller compiled Julia programs, and, indirectly in some cases, faster Julia programs.

Note, Julia is already the fastest dynamic language, after static (classic) Fortran:


Until recently (i.e. with previous Julia version), Julia was compared to Java there at the Benchmark Game, but now to Fortran (and Chapel and C++), the current next fastest language(s).

We can fix that graph by working on the outlier(s), the top one (I think only one or two to beat Fortran); and the fixed startup-cost highlighed by the lowest outlier.

Julia isn’t really slower than C, Rust or C++. That’s an illusion. They compile ahead of time (e.g. with the slow LLVM), but the rules there only allow source code for Julia and thus Julia has the cost of compiling (JIT, and Julia’s JIT is slower than it needs to be) on the fly added to its runtime.

E.g. this one can be improved: