[In development but available] A Python to Julia Transpiler

Hi community,

I’ve started a package named Py2Jl, which is established mainly for translating some well-known and practical Python packages into pure Julia. This is the motivation, you know, although the totality of Julia packages are increasing amazingly, Python already has enormous useful and battle-tested packages.

In the progress of development, I found it possible for this transpiler to reach a high compatibility with CPython except the implementation details(c extension or capis) without too much efforts. CPython compatibility is the main obstacle that Pyston used to face. Now almost all general purposed Python JIT solutions have been dead, but It seems that direct transpiler from Python to Julia might work!

Currently, I’ve finished the tranpilation of limited python constructs, you can try this through the instructions presented at https://github.com/JuliaCN/Py2Jl.jl

However I think I might not have enough time for that soon after, which makes me feel so regretful for it might fail for my personal reasons. I’m an undergraduate who’s now busy with the internship and master/Ph.D admissions, and I’m at an internship in Microsoft Research Asia mainly for the compiler design, that’s a heavy work and time consuming.

I’m here to ask for your help, and if you’re interested in this(project development, or the way to gain full compatibility with CPython), you can contact me with my email(twshere@outlook.com).