JET.jl type checker does not update module (can Revise.jl help?)

Suppose I have a file test.jl which contains using MyModule. I use the type checker JET.jl with report_file("test.jl"). The main purpose is to perform type checking of the code in MyModule. However, when I update the code (in a separate file) that defines MyModule and run report_file("test.jl") again, all changes in the module are ignored, unless I restart Julia.

Can I use JET with Revise, or otherwise force JET to update the module?

P.S. I find JET.jl to be quite usable already. I tested with three small personal projects each with a few hundred lines of code. Two of them passed type checking on the first go (the codes were unit-tested long before), and a third project required a tiny change to pass the type checking.