Javis get_position doesn't work

if i type:

triangle = Object( JPoly(ngon(vertices_square[1], 10, 3, -π / 2, vertices = true); action = :fill, color = "black")))

and use this object inside some functions, ill get this error:( using pos(triangle) )

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching get_position(::Vector{Point})
Closest candidates are:
get_position(::Javis.Layer) at C:\Users\lol.julia\packages\Javis\UaLm7\src\layers.jl:187
get_position(::Point) at C:\Users\lol.julia\packages\Javis\UaLm7\src\object_values.jl:17
get_position(::Transformation) at C:\Users\lol.julia\packages\Javis\UaLm7\src\object_values.jl:18

[1] get_position(obj::Object)
@ Javis C:\Users\lol.julia\packages\Javis\UaLm7\src\object_values.jl:32

Insted if i use:

JCircle(vertices_square[1], 3; action = :fill, color = "black")

all my program works fine.
how can i fix this?

the workaround i can suggest for now is to explicitly declare an object calling poly in the object function instead of using the shorthand

triangle = Object ( frames , (args...) -> begin
                                              poly(ngon(vertices_...) , :fill)
                                          end )
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thx for the reply
i have another type of error now:

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching (::var"#17#18")(::Video, ::Object, ::Int64; center=Point(-199.91949180758272, -199.00324605295305))
Closest candidates are:
(::var"#17#18")(::Any…) at c:\Users\lol\Desktop\julia_esercizi\testants\graph.jl:181 got unsupported keyword argument “center”
[1] draw_object(object::Object, video::Video, frame::Int64, origin_matrix::Matrix{Float64}, layer_frames::Nothing)
@ Javis C:\Users\lol.julia\packages\Javis\UaLm7\src\Javis.jl:666

its’ because i am using

obj.change_keywords[:center] = new_point

to change the positions of objects without using transition.
it seems that i must use another keyword for the dictionary change_keywords when i declare explicitly the object

can you post the code here ?

this is an example of using change_keywords
i use it in the same way, here too if you change the code and declare explicitly the obj you will have the same error

the shorthands construct an anonymous function for you , take a look at JCircle.jl in the source ,
it returns an anonymous function which has the signature (args...; center , radius , color , linewidth ,action ) so in that example the obj.func has a kwarg center.

If you want to declare explicitly and not use shorthands you have to ensure that the function passed inside Object has a kwarg center (it should be a kwarg , not a usual arg)

similarly in your example , the function used for drawing should have a kwarg called center

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Fantastic! i read carefully JCircle.jl and tried to do the same thing with my anonymous function.
the solution is this:

Object(1:nframes,(args...;center =Point(10,30) -> begin
    obj_coordinate = center

    radius = 5

return obj_coordinate
                                              end ))

should i make your comment as the solution or mine? i m still learning on how to help the comunity

you can mark whichever , upto you :sweat_smile:,

Also I’m not sure on the etiquette on having a follow up question in the comments or as a separate
post altogether .

Also maybe change the code to be in a code block , (looks nicer that way :sweat_smile: )

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