Iterate across two DataFrames using Query.jl

Pretty basic question it seems to me, but I can’t figure out how to iterate across multiple dataframes. I’ve been trying to do this with Query.jl

Problem: First Dataframe contains names. Second Dataframe contains names. Count the number of times the names in First DataFrame appear in Second Dataframe.

using Query, DataFrames

df_one = DataFrame(name=["John", "Sally", "Kirk"])
df_two = DataFrame(name=["Sally", "Sally", "Kirk", "John", "Kirk", "Kirk", "John", "Sally", "Sally"])

name_tot = @from i in df_one begin
    @from j in df_two
    @where ==
    @let count = length(
    @select count
    @gather DataFrame


I’ve tried a few different variations, but none return the desired result; a DataFrame showing the counts of each name in Second Dataframe.

I’m sure it’s just a noob question and I I’m not understanding something fundamental.

I think you are looking for a group join:

@from i in df_one begin
@join j in df_two on equals into k
@select {, count=length(k)}
@collect DataFrame                               

# output

3×2 DataFrames.DataFrame
│ Row │ name    │ count │
│ 1   │ "John"  │ 2     │
│ 2   │ "Sally" │ 4     │
│ 3   │ "Kirk"  │ 3     │

The kind of formulation you used will do an inner join: the two @from clauses generate the cross-product, and then the @where clause will filter it down to what you would have gotten from an inner join right away.

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And so I was. Thanks for the solution and such a quick response. It looks amazingly like the examples in the documentation I’ve been starting at for the last hour. Didn’t even consider a group join as the way forward.

Thanks again.

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A related follow on… Not sure if it’s a bug or by design, but it would appear new column names can’t be exactly the same as range variables.

df_new = @from i in df_one begin
        @join j in df_two on equals into k
        @let count = length(k)
        @select {, count=count}
        @collect DataFrame                               


3×2 DataFrames.DataFrame
│ Row │ name    │ _2_ │
│ 1   │ "John"  │ 2   │
│ 2   │ "Sally" │ 4   │
│ 3   │ "Kirk"  │ 3   │

I did expect that new column to be called “count” not “2”. Anything to the left of an “=” in a @select statement to be considered a column name?

That looks like a bug to me:

That last issue mentioned is now fixed in a PR, soon on master as well.