Issues with Plots.contourf and logarithmic axes

The contourf function behaves very strangely when plotting data points on a logarithmic grid. Supplying the x- and y-positions of the data points and setting scale=:log10 completely messes up the plot. Here is a minimal example:

using Plots

xs = [10^i for i in range(-5, 5, length=50)]
data = [log(i*j) for i in xs, j in xs]

p1 = contourf(data, title="actual data")
p2 = contourf(xs, xs, data, scale=:log10, title="messed up data")
plot(p1, p2)


Am I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is an issue with contourf. Thanks for help!

There seems to be a bug with the default gr() backend.
contourf() with scale=:log10 works fine with the other Plots.jl backends: plotly(), pyplot() or pgfplotsx() for instance