Issues with AxisArrays on 0.6


Hi, I have an issue with AxisArrays since Compact (unavoidable) does now export axes

julia> using AxisArrays

julia> using Compat

julia> axes
WARNING: both Compat and AxisArrays export "axes"; uses of it in module Main must be qualified
ERROR: UndefVarError: axes not defined

Is this a bug in AxisArrays?


and here is what I am actually trying to do:

julia> using Compat
julia> using ImageAxes
julia> A = AxisArray(zeros(20),1:20)
julia> pixelspacing(A)
WARNING: both AxisArrays and Compat export "axes"; uses of it in module ImageAxes must be qualified
ERROR: UndefVarError: axes not defined
 [1] pixelspacing(::AxisArrays.AxisArray{Float64,1,Array{Float64,1},Tuple{AxisArrays.Axis{:row,UnitRange{Int64}}}}) at /Users/knopp/.julia/v0.6/ImageAxes/src/ImageAxes.jl:152





Ah thanks. Not good that Compat breaks the entire Images package family.


I thought these kind of issues would be avoided because JuliaCIBot would run tests in depending packages? Or is the sampling the issue here, i.e. when that Compat.jl thing was merged, JuliaCIBot ran some depending package tests, but not any in Images.jl?




I have filed

I think this reveals a general problem with Compat:

  1. Master changes something
  2. In order to use it a compatibility thing is put into Compat.jl
    => Regular changes in the lowest layer of the stable software stack.

Since this is not the first time it would be great discussing if that workflow is really necessary.


I do wonder whether METADATA PRs on such a central package as Compat.jl shouldn’t be run on more than just five random depending packages for JuliaCIBot…


It’s not clear, if the list of packages is the full one. But it’s visible that previous compat had problems in imageview already