Issue with search system on

I’m seeing a weird behavior when searching the docs. I was looking for stuff on generator expressions.

This seems to work okay.

But if I type one more character I get

which isn’t useful.

And if I type a few more I get this (which is worse than zero results).

These are from Firefox but Chrome did the same thing for me.

This still occurs. Anyone know the appropriate place to log an issue for the website?


Most issues regarding search are raised at Documenter.jl. And, if you search this Discourse you’ll see that the documentation search issues have been encountered before. I don’t know what the technical problems are (overly-fuzzy searching was one issue, if I remember correctly), and it’s often the case that you don’t get any matches or get far too many. But search is a difficult problem…

I understand that the solution will eventually be the search tool at, which is currently under construction, but working quite well for some (but not all) packages already. (A search for “generators” gives many hits, but at first glance I couldn’t see the obvious result for the Julia manual… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )