Isosurface in Makie

Hi everyone.
I have a set of 3D data that i need to plot with some isosurface:

I am trying to do some fancy isosurface plot with vertical slices of the data and some isosurface on top (from perspective). I readl Makie is good for isosurface wite the volume feature.

Any one with an idea of how to make something like this:

volume with algorithm = :iso should give you the same style of 3D plot and volumeslices should allow you to get vertical slices. Right now those slices will render in front of the volume plot but once #1395 gets merged that will be fixed.

Hi @ffreyer … do you know how to change the axis and color? like:

volume(X,Y,Z,P, algorithm = :iso, isorange = 0.1, isovalue = 1.0, color=:red)?

The colors should be sampled from the given colormap. If you want nice looking axis you’re probably better of using Axis3. If you don’t want to use Axis3 you can try changing stuff in ax.scene.plots[1].attributes. (With fig, ax, p = volume(...))