Is there interest in having a Julian API for the NCDC's Climate Data Online (CDO)

Actually, what I am looking for is a general tool for manipulating multi file data sets, like xarray.Dataset, which I can easily adapt for my specific data format.

GMT.jl also uses GDAL to read GRIB files, but on a higher level usage.

Yeah, I’m looking into xarray as inspiration for a more generic approach. In that regard, I think that NCDataset.jl might prove useful for your workflow.

Yes, NCDataset.jl, AxisArrays.jl, Dagger.jl do sort of what I am looking for. If combined together, this may end up in a package as useful as xarray.

That’s the long-term goal of ClimateTools.jl. But I’m working alone on it right now so the progress is more slower than I would like. Once the “I/O” of netCDF datasets is robust, the plan is to split it into a single package and keep the analysis and visualization part in ClimateTools.jl.

Hopefully someone else will join in! :slight_smile:

Sure, this is a big project which requires a collaborative effort and may be deserves funding from NASA or NOAA, but I guess it is not easy to attract community at this stage and things will change after stable release of julia. Thanks for your effort anyway, it creates interest and demonstrates capabilities of this language.

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NCEI.jl is in the process to be registered under Pkg2 for Julia 0.7-Dev. Feel free to check it out. Once the PR to Metadata is merged I will post an [ANN] NCEI post. The release is production ready with all documentation provided.

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