Is there any microsimulation package in Julia?

Something along the lines of LIAM2 in Python or MicSim in R.


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Thank you I will read the documentation. Nevertheless I think (for what I’ve read) that SimJulia it’s not as specific or used for e.g. population demographic microsimulations like the two apps I mentioned above.


If this is tax-benefit model related stuff, I’ve written some bits and pieces and plan to do much more in a month or so.

In the past I’ve looked at LIAM2 and JasMin, a similar thing in Java, but I confess I’ve never really seen the point in them. Libraries of general purpose routines, rather than some overarching framework, are what’s needed, I think.

Be interested to know what you’re planning.




I am reading with great interest your code which is beyond my expertise.
My plan is to study variation of favorability of heterogeneous agents to public retirement pensions. That is a study situated between political science and political economy. I want to combine agent-based modelling with microsimulation. Microsimulation is important to me, mainly to study the demographic evolution of population.