Is there any ETL GUI for Julia?



Is there any ETL GUI addon or package for Julia?
Or any tool such as Knime, Tableau, Rapidminer… able to run Julia code integrating properly the results (numeric, plots, file operations…)?

Visual workflow tool for Julia - let's build one!

Also want to know. Maybe should make one if none exists


That would greatly increase the number of Julia users.

Anyway I understand most advanced Julia features aren’t easy to convert to a ETL equivalent. Though some basic features to import/export, data manipulation and plots would be great.


I would posit that most people here don’t tend to have workflows that use graphical tools like DataMiner or KNIME. In any case, that kind of environment usually gets built on top of a language (like KNIME on Java) rather than being a core part of it.


That’s why I’m not speaking about integrating it as a core feature but having a package. Or event knowing if there is a third party software.


Before having graphical ETL tools, Julia really needs to have better ETL tools period.
There is still a lot of work to be done with JSON, XML, CSV parsers, fast access to different databases,
and dealing with issues such as string encodings in all of those.

I also believe that good ETL tools for Julia could be a big help in increasing the number of Julia users.