Is there an easy way to find out if a package supports certain Julia version?

Let’s say I need Conda and I am on 1.0.0. Can I use some Pkg incantation to tell me if“Conda”) will be successful (i. e. if Conda supports 1.0.0)?


Packages choose what julia versions they declare they are compatible with. If Conda says it supports 1.0.0 (by e.g. not having an upper bound) the package manager cannot do anything.

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Right, but in a way my question was really about how to find out which version a given package supports. Where is that information recorded? In the Project.toml file? And can Pkg facilities be used to query that sort of information?

In the registry for packages you add based on version and in the project / require file for packages you have add by url / branch / path.

There is no good API to retrieve this information right now.