Is there a way to specify the breakpoints in the time vector for SDEproblem?


I am very new to Julia so forgive me if this is obvious. I am trying to solve an SDE system and each time I run the iteration to solve it, the variables (say X and Y) are calculated for my tspan (0, 200); the issue is that every time I run it I get different dimensions for the X and Y and t vectors. I want them to be the same (so i can take the values and average them later).
Is there a way I can specify the breakpoints in the tspan code, so my X and Y are calculated only at these points:

tspan = (0.0,200.0)

What do you need the “breakpoints” for? Is it to handle the saved solution? Then supply a saveat vector. Is it to force the solver to stop at specific points? Then use tstops. Is it to give information about discontinuities? Then it’s d_discontinuities. This is all handled through these arguments as the efficient way to do each of them.

For more details on the arguments of the ODE solver, see the Common Solver Options page, specifically the Output Control portion.

Also note that this is addressed in the first tutorial on solving ODEs, so you may want to review this section: