Is there a way to incorporate time series data into coupled ODE system using DifferentialEquations.jl?

Hi all,
If I have a set of coupled ODE:

x = f(y, \dot{y}, \dot{x}), y = f(x, \dot{x}, \dot{y})

and I have a time series data for x, is there a way to implement this constraint into the solver? I was looking at the docs but couldn’t find a way. maybe I missed it.

Thank you!

Just make the time series into a function and use it. DataInterpolations.jl is quite useful for that.

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Thank you very much! Do you mind sharing how to implement it as a function? Just by adding it as another equation to the system?

Have a look at How to linearize a model I created the function cp from numerical data and used it in Modelingtoolkit equations…

Yes, you might need another equation…