Is there a way to hide the boxplots names on the x axis?

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to hide the names of each boxplots using StatsPlots grouped boxplots. I looked into both Plots and StatsPlots documentation, but I couldn’t find an argument atribute for it.

Here’s some sample data:

	df_test = DataFrame() = ["One","One","One", "Two","Two"]
	df_test.value = [2,15,19,30,56]

    p1 = @df df_test boxplot(string.(:id), :value, fillalpha=0.75, linewidth=2, group = :id,legend=false) 

And here’s is the output:

I want to generate the same plot, but without the “One” and “Two” labels under the x axis.

Thanks in advance,

Use boxplot keyword argument: x_foreground_color_text=:transparent


Another way is to do post-processing:

old_xticks = xticks(p1[1])
new_xticks = (old_xticks[1], ["", ""])

The second solution worked great! I had a problem with the first one, because (I just realized) that I was already using xticks to add some things to the plot.
Thanks a lot!