Is there a way to get the full definition of a function as String?

Beside having to parse the script file.

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It looks I can call “code_lowered” on the function and get a CodeInfo, from which I can find the statements of the function. Is that a reliable way?

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I don’t know a way to get the code of a function as String. But there are plenty of ways to do similar things:

  • As you mentioned the @code_... macros give you the code after some compiler processing
  • @which gives you a link to the source location
  • @less shows you the code
  • @edit opens the code in your favorite editor

Rebugger.jl does this (somehow).

You wouldn’t recommend using CodeIndo?

CodeInfo is the type that is returned by eg @code_llvm.

So, what exactly are you saying?

Yes code_lowered is a good option, but as its same suggests it returns a lower-level representation of the function, not the source code as it is written.

Try Espresso.funexpr() or MacroTools.macro_form() which Espresso calls internally. They try to find source file of a functions first, and when it’s not available, reconstruct source from lowered code. For me it works in 85-95% of cases, failing mostly on non-trivially defined functions like the ones generated from macros.

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