Is there a way to fill a dataframe with values from a smaller dataframe?

I was hoping to be able to fill a larger DataFrame with the values of a smaller one using fill() but it doesn’t work this way. I can create a new DataFrame using vcat but was hoping for a better method.

using DataFrames
df_test = DataFrame(a = repeat([1:2;], inner = [2]),
                 b = repeat([1;], inner = [4]),
                 c = randn(4))

df_test2 = DataFrame(zeros(16,3))

df_test3 = fill(df_test2,df_test) # does not work

df_test_4 = vcat(df_test,df_test,df_test,df_test) # does work, but more 'work' or not as elegant

It is intentional that this does not work. In Julia, as opposed to R we are strict about object dimensions. However, what works cleanly is:

repeat(df_test, 4)

as this is the thing you are looking for - right?

Yes, thank you!