Is there a power flow formulation that considers branches power transfer limit in PowerModels.jl?


I am working on a project where I investigate the behavior of power systems with congested lines.When running run_ac_pf or run_dc_pf, I notice that some branches resulting power flow exceed their limit. Searching through PowerModels.jl dependencies, I could not find a PF model that considers these limits. Is there one?

I see that OPF models bound branch flow variables by “rate_a” and consider thermal limits constraints, but apparently the same is not true for PF models.


PF solver aims to solve a nonlinear equation system so security constraints are not considered. (Power injection is fixed)
OPF solver aims to solve a nonlinear optimization problem including objective function and security constraints. (Power injection is adjustable as decision variable)

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@metab0t is correct. If you would like flow limits to be enforced you should give run_ac_opf and run_dc_opf a try.