Is there a package for calculating source code metrics?

Is there something like scc that allows to determine some code metrics for Julia in an easy, fire-and-forget kind of manner? What I’d be interested in is a tool that I can point at a directory, which it will recursively crawl for Julia files and break the line counts down to something like

  • # blank lines
  • # comment lines
  • # docstring lines
  • # code lines
  • # total lines

Of course, it would be interesting to also learn about things like number of docstrings, number of function/macro definitions etc. but that would just be the cherry on top :slight_smile:


Side note: scc seems to support Julia.

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They could probably use some improvements, though — their Julia code-complexity patterns include a switch statement that doesn’t exist and omit a lot of operators, for example.

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I made a little experience and a && increases 2 complexity points whilst & increases 1!!!

Thanks for pointing this out! There are also more projects out there that support Julia, e.g., tokei. I was just wondering if there exists something similar in pure Julia that would allow to also get more Julia-specific information.