Is there a newer version of a package?

Is there a way of finding out when updating (]up) that newer versions of packages are available?

I found that if one does not proactively delete the compatibility section in the Project.toml file and runs update from time to time, updated packages will be missed.

That may not be a problem for my particular package, let’s say A, but if someone else uses it (B), and A is stuck at old versions of other packages, it will hold back the versions of those other packages that B wishes to use.

There’s preview mode, but you probably still have to delete your compat section in order to see what the updates would be…

Oops, apparently that doesn’t exist anymore. That link is for Julia v1.0.5. I wonder what happened to preview mode…

Maybe this is relevant?


I was asking the same thing sort of

This would bre relevant