Is there a Datalog library in Julia?

I’m thinking about using Datalog for a problem I have at hand. Is there a Datalog library implemented in Julia, a la pyDatalog?

idk about Datalog,
but some people have been playing around with microkanren, (a la logpy in python).
Not sure if either of these are current:


Just wanted to add my buggy but mostly there MicroKanren learning attempt to the above list. It’s not an exact implementation. It is more inspired by [1]

[1] -

@gabomgp Maybe you no longer have a use case, but I recently wrote a Prolog-like logic programming library called Julog.jl that should be able to parse and reason with Datalog input! Check out the package announcement here. It’s almost certainly not going to be as fast as a dedicated Datalog implementation, but should be fine for small-to-medium database sizes.