Is the linux armv7l binary deprecated?


I maintain a julia mod for’s code-server and openvscode-server docker images. I am pulling the x86_64, armv7l and aarch64 binaries from the website’s downloads section: Download Julia

I noticed that there is no armv7l binary uploaded for 1.8.0 even though the link exists (404s). I looked through the release notes and I don’t see any mention of deprecation, but I did notice that the release announcement here leaves out linux armv7l in the list of binaries.

Can you confirm whether armv7l binary is deprecated or not?


ARMv7 is only Tier 3 support right now:

  • Tier 3: Julia may or may not build. If it does, it is unlikely to pass tests. Binaries may be available in some cases. When they are, they should be considered experimental. Ongoing support is dependent on community efforts.

So they’re not deprecated, but they’re also not guaranteed to be available.

Fair enough. Thanks for the confirmation.