Is the choice of integrator significant for NeuralODE solving?

For directly solving known ODEs, of course the choice of integrator is significant.

However, when learning a network that’s part of an ODE, it isn’t clear to me whether the integrator matters, or should matter. Does it make a significant difference? Would the trained NN embody behaviours of the integrator too or would it turn out to be somewhat independent of it? … like if trained with Tsit5 or say KahanLi8, do we already know whether we’d get NNs that can/cannot be used with the other integrator?

It can. Depends on the accuracy needed and the properties needed.

If the tolerance is low enough then you can swap them out. That said, if you try and train a symplectic system with a non-symplectic integrator then you will have numerical error in the training which can effect the results.

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