Is Julia’s destiny in the creative industry and building the virtual world?

In my opinion it is also good to show some level of “effort” into trying actually using Julia for the thing being discussed.

Right now, it feels like one day we are building a chess engine (Building a strong Julia chess engine), and then another programming language (Julians... criticize my concept language all you want) and then moving on to creating Startcraft 2 bots (Julians, are you interested in making a StarCraft 2 bot in Julia?) and “wargames” (I'm making a Julia wargame! What kind of special effects do you want?) and game mods (How to make Julia game mods composable?) and voice synthesisers (Can Julia make voice synthesizer using pressure simulation?) etc etc. And now finally, we are “building the virtual world”.

In all these, there is virtually no Julia code or anything “concrete” that connects the topic to Julia. And there never really seems to be any “result” that comes out of it in the sense of some code that can be run to achieve something relevant to the claimed goal. So is the point of all these topics only the discussion itself? I think most people that spend their time helping and answering are doing that with the belief that there are actually plans in creating the thing being asked about. If not, maybe a blog or something would be a more suitable venue.