Is Julia mostly written in Python?

In OpenHub there’s many statistics about a big number of open source projects. It says that 47% lines of code from Julia is in Python, 24% in C, 19% in C++ and 10% in other languages. Here is the link:

No. The GitHub summary says:

 Julia 69.7%	C 15.7%	 C++ 9.7%	 Scheme 3.3%	 Makefile 0.6%	 Shell 0.3%	 Other 0.7%

which are reasonable numbers.


That is bizarre.


Thanks! But where did you got that info? I searched in the github page and didn’t found anything

You click on the “banner”:


I think the site just mistakes Julia code as Python code.


Thank you very much!

Thanks! And a clarification for others, since it still took me a minute. He means click on the colorful bar att the bottom of the banner showed in the screenshot. Then the text will switch from 43000 commits etc to the language stats.


It’s nice that most of the source (~70%) is in Julia itself.

Oh no! Delete all the repos, they know our secret! :laughing:

I believe their software has scanners for many languages, but none for Julia.

It is a mistake. Julia is actually written in Logo, then it’s turtles all the way down :wink:


:turtle: :turtle: :turtle:

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You both beat me to it with the Terry Pratchett reference.
Bringing in the search for a Julia mascot at JuliaCon… I guess turtles have been taken, but is there anything from Discworld?

There was another thread about this from a while ago. In my opinion the best suggestion was the julia skimmer dragonfly. I like that one quite a lot, and a graphic artist probably would not have a difficult time incorporating the dots.

At this point I think the ship has sailed tough. (Sorry to contribute to the complete derailment of the thread. Shameless promotion of dragonfly mascot.)

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As much as I love the Discworld novels, the expression is generally used and of course predates these.