Is it possible to write something like:```op = :(&&)set = AndSet@eval f

is it possible to write something like:

op = :(&&)
set = AndSet
@eval do_some_operation(::$set, lhs, rhs) = lhs $op $rhs

? The $op part does not get parsed as hoped. Any way to rewrite this to make it possible?

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Answered by @simeonschaub on Slack

@eval do_some_operation(::$(set), lhs, rhs) = $(Expr(op, :lhs, :rhs))

works and for things like \xor one needs to write

@eval do_some_operation(::$(set), lhs, rhs) = $(Expr(:call, op, :lhs, :rhs))

or simply $op(lhs, rhs)

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