Is it possible to create compiled executable?

Is it possible to create compiled executable with my program written in julia, that i could take and run on another machine that doesn’t have julia installed?

This was the last I’d heard of progress being made on the subject. I assume Julia Computing is going to hide static compilation behind a paywall, if it’s ever finished.

Why? (apart from, yes that’s a feature you can sell to customers)

As the article explains, it’s not straightforward to compile a dynamic language program.

See discussion here. I suspect that not much development effort will be put towards the feature unless someone pays them to do it.

i wasn’t closely following this. But then - although it sometimes looks like this - people in juliacomputing don’t have magical programming powers. This is open source, so anyone can work on it.

How many non-JC related programmers understand Julia’s internals well enough to do such a thing? (I, for one, don’t.)

Expecting an open source solution entails the existence of a sufficiently large community willing to produce it.

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@viralbshah are the business assumptions in this thread accurate?

@jeff.bezanson I thought julia can already precompile an LLVM image? and i also saw discussion of a more minimal post compile runtime. is this going to happen open source st some point?


Yes, you can statically compile Julia. No, it’s not particularly easy at the moment. Yes, we’re planning to make it easier, but it’s not a simple task. There’s incremental improvements to make this easier going in all the time. Yes, the compiler improvements will be open source like always. You’re of course still welcome to pay us for it so we can hire some additional compiler people ;).


and the documenation of this?

That blog post is the best documentation currently available.