Is it OK to re-export something from a different package?

As the title say, i am wandering if it is OK to reexport a method from a different package. I currently have :

module MyPackage

using OtherPackage

struct mytype end
OtherPackage.function(x::mytype) = 1


The fact is that MyPackage provides new methods to this function, on types that are defined in MyPackage (so no type piracy), but the generic is only exported if I do :

using MyPackage
# Cannot use `function`
using OtherPackage
# Now i can 

Would it me OK to export OtherPackage.function, so that i could do:

using MyPackage
# `function` is available


If I’m understanding you correctly, in this case you could. It is also natural to just tell your users they must load both packages.

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Thanks. Do you know if there is a ‘standard’, or a good practice regarding the choice between re-exporting and telling people to load both packages ?

I would say that it depends on the relationship between your package and the other package. If your package builds “on top of” the other package but a user wouldn’t particularly need to be aware of the underlying package then re-export. If your package is an addition that a user would be using while also using the underlying package directly then advise they load both.

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Seems fair, thanks.