Invenia Labs SEE Award 2018


Driven by our vision of addressing social, economic and environmental (SEE) challenges through science and technology, we are proud to announce the Invenia Labs SEE Award of $5,000, to support machine learning research with a positive impact.

Please submit your application, along with supporting material by 28th February 2018. Once submitted, we cannot accept any edits or any additional material. The winner will be notified and announced in the spring of 2018. The precise announcement date will be posted on after the submission deadline.


  • Active or recently completed research projects that have no affiliation with any for profit organisation.

  • Research that received corporate funding previously qualifies, as long as the project is not by or on behalf of a for-proft organization.

  • GitHub / GitLab links will be the preferred channel for accepting supporting code.

  • Please only submit content that is open, transparent, public, and that you are comfortable sharing with Invenia Labs.


  • The degree of impact your research is poised to have on the challenge it is addressing.

  • Algorithmic originality and innovation in the code and data analysis/model.

  • Fitness for purpose of all materials (including supplementary data, models, or analyses).

  • Clarity and quality of research. Structure and conciseness of any submitted code, if applicable.

Apply Here