inUsing Julia for analysing eye tracking data, anyone doing something like that?

My colleague from university work on VR and need some framework for analysis data from eye tracking. They have big files with char and numbers and they just need to make some analysis of them. For what I understand not to complicated analysis. They slowly approaching point of deciding that they need to write they own software for that and she asked me what I think is better: Wolfram Mathematica or MATLAB. I told her what I know about these two frameworks and suggested trying Julia (I evidently biased toward these last position :wink:).

I want to make some promotion/propaganda :wink: seminar for them about Julia and I will appreciate if someone with bigger experience in that field give me some information about how Julia perform such task with regard to other languages, what are packages worth showing, etc. A specially if someone make such eye tracking analysis in Julia or something similar.

I myself theoretical physics and amateur programmer and in my professionally work I only make numerical computation of some relative easy integrals, so I’m ignorant in the filed of data analyse. I’m try to google “Julia eye tracking”, but I found nothing or almost nothing.

I apologized if I put this post in wrong category.

I was wondering this too. You could use PyCall:

using PyCall
py"import pygaze as pg"

I haven’t yet found/written a library that does this in Julia, however.

Jake - awesome to see you carrying out work on this. Important to say that : just because someone has a repo called something though - doesn’t mean it’s a usable package.

(@v1.4) pkg> add EyeTracking
ERROR: The following package names could not be resolved:
 * EyeTracking (not found in project, manifest or registry)

Currently on the repository I see code for a GUI, video playback, and parsing JSON to CSV, but no eye tracking - yet.

Actually, there does seem to be an eye tracking package:

My colleague and I are also working on a package to clean and analyse eye tracking data: This package is in very early stages at time of writing.

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