Introducing PeaceFounder on Forem

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I would like to draw your attention to the following article with title

Introducing PeaceFounder by @Janis_Erdmanis on Forem

The package was announced here: PeaceFounder.jl announcement a few years ago.

I believe this is an outstanding work, especially because of its potential social impact.

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Thank you for your enthusiasm :upside_down_face:

Note that apart from the idea of anonymising voters’ pseudonyms and publishing that on the bulletin board since 2020 the system has changed substantially. The system was started from scratch after I accidentally got familiar with Verificatum zero-knowledge proofs of shuffle [1] and how they can be used to anonymise voters’ pseudonyms, as eloquently explained in the article by Haenni & Spycher [2] and is now the foundation of the PeaceFounder voting system. The only thing I added was using a history tree [3] as a backbone for a bulletin board and showed how that facilitates bulletin board record immutability by voters who anonymously check consistency proofs.

For more information, I insist on looking into the project’s website,, meticulously crafted documentation and the previously mentioned blog post. My initial views on evoting landscape and the approach have substantially changed during the PeaceFounder development journey.

[1]: Björn Terelius and Douglas Wikström. Proofs of restricted shuffles. 2010
[2]: Rolf Haenni and Oliver Spycher. Secure internet voting on limited devices with anonymized DSA public keys. 2011
[3]: Scott A. Crosby and Dan S. Wallach. Efficient data structures for tamper-evident logging. 2009