Interest in a meta interpolation package?

I am currently the maintainer of Interpolations.jl. There are also many other interpolaton packages with different capabilities:

With package extensions, there is the potential to create a unifying interface so that it is easy to switch between implementations. Basically, I’m thinking of a Plots.jl but for interpolations.

Would there be an interested in such a common interface? Do you have any particular design ideas for how to do this efficiently?

I would have a lot of interest in this. Interpolations.jl is rather frustrating because it’s broken in a lot of contexts for omitting things like ModelingToolkit registrations and good derivative overloads. I’d like to fix this at a higher level since right now everyone who doesn’t use DataInterpolations.jl gets a pretty bad experience. This is turning into one of the most common simple errors I’m seeing people run into, and so solving it at an interface level would be a good thing.

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What is a practical next step for this?

Should we create a package called InterpolationInterfaces.jl that defines a common interface that other packages could implement?

Should we create a InterpolationSuite.jl or MetaInterpolations.jl that depends on other packages for functionality?

Those two options are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Feel free to bike shed on the package names.