Integer-Arrays to CuArrays

Is there a way to cast an Array{Int64} to CuArray{Int64}?

CuArrays seems to be always transforming integers to floats:

julia> cu([0,1])
2-element CuArray{Float32,1}:

A workaround (which also proves that CuArrays seem to be working for Int64) would be this:

A = CuArray{Int64}(2);
A[1],A[2] = 0,1;
julia> A
2-element CuArray{Int64,1}:

But this seems to be very slow.
It is also less convenient since operations like push!(A,2) appear to be not available for CuArrays so one always would have to know the final array-size and set each element one by one.

Thanks in advance!

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