Installing MP3 on JuliaBox

Hello everyone

Is there a way to install the MP3 package on JuliaBox? It fails for me because I don’t have root priveleges.

Many thanks,

Lewis Hein

Hi Lewis,

I think there are two ways forwards:

  1. we can add the APT packages to the JuliaBox docker image, which I think would involve adding the install to this Dockerfile. Doesn’t seem super sustainable though, and moves support responsibility from JuliaAudio developers to JuliaBox developers.
  2. We can add support to MP3.jl to fall-back to a source build in the case where BinDeps can’t install a system package for the necessary libraries. One issue with this is that it adds time to the installation process. I don’t know enough about how JuliaBox works to know how often users need to do this. Do you get a persistent box with your packages installed, or do you have to re-install them every session?

Option 2 seems the best to me, as making the JuliaBox developers
responsible for MP3.jl (and thereby setting a precedent for whatever
package may have a binary dependency) would be poor organization.

I am pretty sure that my changes persist, and thus adding a one-time
hit to build from source might not be an issue, especially if the
alternative is not having it at all.