Installation of Mosek.jl fails on Julia v0.5.2


I cannot install Mosek.jl on a Windows 7 64 bit under Julia v0.5.2. I have downloaded and installed Mosek 8.0, mosek.exe is on the PATH and ENV contains the following keys:

"MOSEK_8_0_BINDIR"        => "C:\\Program Files\\Mosek\\8\\tools\\platform\\win64x86\\bin"
"MOSEK_8_0_EXE"           => "C:\\Program Files\\Mosek\\8\\tools\\platform\\win64x86\\bin\\mosek.exe"
"MOSEK_8_0_INSTALLDIR"    => "C:\\Program Files\\Mosek\\8" instead attemps to download and install Mosek 8.1.0 and fails:

INFO: Building Mosek                                                                                           
INFO: Get latest MOSEK version (                                      
INFO: Latest MOSEK version =, currently installed = nothing                                           
INFO: Download MOSEK distro (                 
INFO: Unpack MOSEK distro (C:\Users\michele.zaffalon\.julia\v0.5\Mosek\deps\downloads/ ->
================================================[ ERROR: Mosek ]===============================================
LoadError: Failed to find any usable MOSEK libraries                                                           
while loading C:\Users\michele.zaffalon\.julia\v0.5\Mosek\deps\build.jl, in expression starting on line 165                                                                                                                

The installation is flawless on 0.6 and uses the system-wide version of Mosek.


It looks like this is probably a bug with the way installation is handled in older versions of Mosek.jl. Unfortunately, it looks like they stopped supporting Julia 0.5 as of about a week ago. I think your best bet is filing an issue there; maybe they would backport the build fix to a 0.5-compatible tag.

If you are okay upgrading to 0.6, now is a good time, but I understand there are reasons why that might not be possible in your case.