Install PyCall on travis


I’m trying to develop a package for Julia which calls Astropy through PyCall. How can I install PyCall on travis?

thanks a lot

See here for an example. There’s a before_install section that covers installing some package before the testing phase.

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Actually, PyCall should work just like any other Julia package. You simply need to make sure PyCall is in your Project.toml (see also here). I do not think you need to modify .travis.yml.

Yes, with the caveat it will default to using python3 and you need to make sure that any Python packages you want to use (e.g. numpy) are installed for the Python version you are using.

Although one can install packages in the julia module by using and init function.
Something like this might work, if am not mistaken.

global const pyModPandas = PyCall.PyNULL()

function __init__()
        copy!(pyModPandas, PyCall.pyimport_conda("pandas","pandas"))        

Thanks a lot Balinus, now it works properly