Input for multiheaded dense layers in Flux


i have as a input for my neural network basically an array of arrays. Each of these arrays should have seperate input neurons associated to them. A small example can be found below, where my training set has size two and i want to have 3 input heads. This code yields an error since the input for the training has the wrong shape. How do i need to process the input correctly?

using Flux

m= Chain(Parallel(+; head1 = Dense(4, 2, tanh), head2 = Dense(2, 2), head3 = Dense(3, 2, tanh)),Dense(2,1,tanh))

inputs = [([1,2,3],[4,5], [50,100, 80]),([10,20,30],[40,50], [70,130, 80])]

outputs = randn((1,2))


data = [(inputs, outputs)]

loss(x, y) = Flux.Losses.mse(m(x), y)

ps = Flux.params(m)

# later

opt = Descent(0.1)

Flux.train!(loss, ps, data, opt)