`inmin` and `inmax` not defined

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I’m working though “Julia for Data Science” by Voulgaris, and in Chapter 2, the global functions inmin and inmax are not defined. Because the book is written in Julia 0.4. I searched https://docs.julialang.org/en/v0.4/, https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues, and this forum, but did not find any references. Similar searches on google do not yield any useful results.

Does anyone know if inmax and inmax functions changed names or if they moved into a package? I appreciate any guidance I can find on what they do and where to find their replacements.

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Ryan Orsinger

Just for reference, if you’re using a text with any pre v1.0 and the function is missing in recent release you can use v0.7. It gives deprecation warnings for this stuff.

Is it possible that it’s a typo for minmax

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Thank you for sharing your advice and suggestion!

Just from the Google Books preview, it looks like the author used inmin and inmax to find index of minimum and maximum values, so you would argmin and argmax to do in in v0.7.0+

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Perhaps those are typos, and are meant to be indmin and indmax. They have been replaced by argmin and argmax.


Thanks, ya’ll! I appreciate the assistance!