INFO: Computing test dependencies ... forever


I start my test and see this:

INFO: Computing test dependencies for Juniper...

forever. I killed all julia processes but no change.
If I restart my computer it works a couple of times and then stops again.

Any idea?

julia> Pkg.add("Juniper")
ERROR: unknown package Juniper

Perhaps you can supply more information about versions, sources, etc…


It’s my own package and isn’t a Julia Package yet.
I also have the same problem with Pkg.update(). That takes forever as well.
It seems like every Pkg.test() has this problem atm.

Some more info:

  • I’m using julia v0.6.1
  • Arch Linux as my operating system.


Could be an infinite loop, but it is hard to say without seeing the source code of the abovementioned package.


That doesn’t seem reasonable to me considering that it works always the first time and that Pkg.update() has the same problem as well as every other Pkg.test().

For me it seems to be that restarting julia correctly “fixes” this but I don’t know how to.
It’s not a real fix but prevents me from restarting my machine every minute…


If I push it to Travis everything works fine which makes it even more unlikely that it has something do to with my code.


If you add some more info or print commands in your code, you should be able to narrow down where it hangs, right?

I note that on Windows julia can hang sometimes (until a key stroke is given). But I don’t think that is related to what you are experiencing.


I don’t have that issue anymore after a couple of days without changing anything. (Just running some updates here and there for linux and julia packages)
As it was the case that the whole Pkg package didn’t seem to be working correctly it wasn’t about narrowing it down in my code.